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Webcams for adults 17129

- as I understand it, your oyster card keeps a record of every journey you make. I'm not to happy about trusting this to the system, however.

Often when I come to charge up my Oyster I think that I might have been over charged on my last journey - but since it's never more than a quid, I usually don't think to much about it.

It used to be the case that you could jump on the night bus usually quite a bit after 4.30, wave your travelcard and get on no trouble. Hacks should be worried as well - what will happen to protection of sources in the Brave New World? This is just from the top of my head - the list is longer.

Now, after 4.30 precisely, you get charged another 1 or whatever it is. - 20060124: "100 new speed cameras on the streets" (470 total in London) according to the Evening Standard - 20060124: "Domestic passengers could be put under surveillance". One small observation: Grayson Perry wrote a piece in The Times a while ago on the lack of new orginals and people dressing in an outrageous way - where have they all gone?

It's funny cos didn't Bob Crow (ex-head of TFL I think) used to work for the CIA? ) General Secretary of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers. Any theory of his being involved in Oyster (and even better the CIA touches you can embelish) I would guess is tin-foil hat question marks are for....

Bob Kiley's interests have been more surrounding the unviability of Public Private Partnerships for Rail and the Underground (mostly), based on his history of working on similar across the world. I jus remembered someone involved within TFL worked for or with the CIA.

(For those of you who don't know, Oyster is a card based system on the London transport network, where you charge up your card with pre-pay or season ticket and its deducted automatically as you travel) The Oyster system has only really impacted on my life recently, since I've only just started spending more time in London again after a couple of years away. Useful time-and-money saving technology, or worrying extension of monitoring and control?

The whole spurious link thing is exactly that.tin-foil hat territory? I jus remembered someone involved within TFL worked for or with the CIA. Jeez - look at anyone's CV and you could probably make a spurious story of conspiracy out of it. He worked at the CIA for his first job in his career. What are we all doing that's so subversive it must be shielded from the state anyway? Nectar cards identified as being the mark of the beast which everyone has to trade with as the end times approach as stated in the book of revelations? Right now all this is probably tinfoil-territory (and while we are at it: let's add supermarket surveillance with facial recognition software to track your shopping, a police chief that interfers with policy, body scanners on the tube). This infrastructure might not be used for 10 years, for 20 or even for 50 years. But given the right political and social circumstances this kit can be used to monitor and hold down a whole population.One unfortunate extra from having a machine in charge of the ticketing rather than the driver. - as I understand it, your oyster card keeps a record of every journey you make. If Tony and the boys have his ways the great British Eccentric will be gone (or locked up - as a free-thinker or because she was profiled as a "95% chance of being a criminal" as a kid) by the end of the 21st Century.Basically, I'm somewhat suspicious of the whole system, as I think one should be when asked to place one's trust in a computer controlled network such as this. If you don't trust the government and if it does not make too much difference - get a Zone 1-6 travelcard (paper) and buy it from one of the train stations outside London (but within the Zones) and pay in cash.It's just this insidious kind of error that troubles me. Consider the evidence - Oyster cards - automatic number registration on cars (but I guess all cars will be fitted with tracking devices for "a fairer road tax" within 20 years) - ID cards/passports - will be fitted with RFIDs which can track all your movements all the time. Another terrorist attack with 10 people killed and ID cards with RFIDs (small tracking chips) will be enforced to "protect us all" (never mind that 4000 people get killed in traffic every year) - Baby-ASBOs - ie get the "criminals" before they are criminals, profile and victimise them before they even start school - "literacy" and "social skills" testing in kindergarten - all children to be given ID-numbers (since you cannot currently force ID-cards to non-adults.On the other end, my girlfriend recently went to charge up her Oyster at a window in a tube station, and when she did, she was told that she had been undercharged on her last journey, and would have to pay an extra 40p. Isn't the whole point that it should work out the correct fares itself? One more tragedy like the Bulger-killing and ID cards with RFIDs will be forced on kids as well) - the laws on "correct thinking" seeping through - ie no demonstrations near parliament, no making jokes about religion or causing offence to anyone - the highest density of CCTV anywhere on the planet - the general state of "sleepwalking" of the British public ("I've got nothing to hide") - the tabloids - 20060104: bins are microchipped in South Norfolk "to identify residents who are not recycling" - 20060104: divorced dads not paying up to be electronically tagged - 20060105: Police DNA database holds 37% of black men (Guardian) - 20060105: new satelittes to roam over Britain with 1m resolution - 20060105: suggestion to tag motorcycles going into London ("tag and beacon", Evening Standard) - 20060108: Shoreditch "ASBO-TV" (ie spy on your neighbour or partner), watch the CCTV on your TV ( - 20060109 but it takes 18 months to get to know who Tony dines with ( - 20060109: DNA of 750 000 juveniles stored, DNA database to hold 4.2 mil people ( - 20060115: a quarter of the worlds CCTV is in the uk ( - 20060120: MPs to be phone tapped (Indie) ( - 20060121: Police to file all offences for 100 years.

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