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But Kara goes on more dates (and to cool classes) than most women I know, and Juan Pablo is crazy about his girlfriend. "Make a conscious decision that this is a priority in your life,” says Kara, “otherwise you will always put it off till next week, or next month.” A good way to do this is to ask a friend to hold you accountable.

Tell your friends about your decision to prioritize dating and maybe even enlist her as a wingman at social events or as your Wednesday night online dating buddy—open a bottle of wine and respond to those unopened greetings from the mysterious men in your inbox.

While it is very likely true that you are busy, if you really want to meet a man—or have a relationship with one—you make time to date.

So let’s operate on the premise that you do want to date, or even get married.

“It plays into the culture of the service,” they say of their anonymity.“Dating apps have become a core part – whether we like it or not – of having a great dating experience,” says B.“Our aim is to help people who are too busy to be on these dating apps, or who just want to set up interactions more efficiently.” Their target clients are “busy, high quality young adults”—“elite” men and women working long hours who might not end up going on dates if it required more effort than paying someone to do all the legwork on the front end.Considering that the service costs 0 per month for a guaranteed one to two dates per week, it can be tempting to roll your eyes at the thought of 20-somethings shelling out that kind of cash for something like Wingman.After all, it takes a pretty niche startup to make The League look laid-back. They had nearly 20 customers at the end of a hardly-advertised two-month test run, and since launching their site on August 7, they’ve steadily recruited a selective handful of new clients into their portfolio each day.

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Like it or not, they’ve got a sharp combination of skills and intuition, reinforced by independent research on tech’s effect on relationships, which B says he conducted in months off during his final semester at Penn. J says that he came up with the $160 price point after calculating what he calls “the price of breaking the ice.” If buying someone a drink – the first step to securing a date – costs about $20 in a metropolitan area, “they’re basically just paying us the $20 to introduce them and set up a date where they’re going to show up and the other person is already going to be interested in them,” says J. Shouldn’t people who are too busy to spend 10 minutes swiping hold off on dating for now?

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