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To be fair, you almost figure this out by the end of your email: “If he has (kids) too, then it’s like he can understand but he doesn’t want to pick up someone else’s slack.” Pick up someone else’s slack? Advice for women who want kids is almost identical to advice for women who don’t.If you are confident, self-aware, have a high emotional IQ, a low tolerance for being mistreated and understand the opposite sex, you’re going to do well in relationships.Evan, I fall into the majority of divorced women with a degree who are looking on line, but with children.Dating with children changes the rules of the game entirely. As a single person without children you are open to possibilities, open to long distance relationships even, but when the kids are around then we have to change our mindset to realizing that we are Teflon until the kids are out of the house, that the Brady Bunch was just a fantasy TV sitcom, and that living a life of dating without the kids makes us live two lives, one with kids and one without.

Usually you do two steps forward, one step backwards. Now remember, some women are interested in you, they want you to fvck their brains out, but they need to get there, slowly. If things get hot, pull back, pull back and have her raise the temperature, have her be the one pushing.

Soon enough you’re going to resent one of them, if not both, and the idea of bringing your children along for dates is not really something acceptable.

So you can talk about what your dating life as a single man was like –you wanted a woman who you could have children with, so you probably didn’t date women with children and if you did you soon found out that they needed to be thrown back.

You need to learn how to cause a sense of protection in the woman you are dating early in the night.

That way she feels an ease and calmness in letting you touch her 'there'. And after all its not just the orgasm youre wanting because you can wank by yourself. I have to stop letting one or two unwanted experiences define me and my dating/sex life.

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That’s how I feel, that every man I meet will never really date me for a serious relationship because I have children, and especially if he has his too, then it’s like he can understand but he also doesn’t want to pick up someone else’s slack.